I open my hand slowly, terrified that I’m not really solid. And then I feel the rain. Not falling through my hand, but hitting it. Gathering in my palm. It’s cold and wet and heavy. My hands are now stained with a crime, but they also hold the power to help Avery.   

Kai Turner was always a rebel while he was alive, and since his death, not much has changed. Now he's been instructed to forget about his old life and focus on using his new healing powers to help people. But all he can focus on is Avery Ambrose, the stranger he died saving. For the past six months, her life has slowly been unraveled by his death. To help her, he risks everything by breaking the rules, dangerously blurring the barriers between life and death. Little does he know just how much Avery is willing to sacrifice for him in return. 


“With a beautiful voice, the author tells a rich story with layered characters, and does so with deceptive simplicity. Sarah Beard has created sensory experiences that transport the reader to a luscious chocolate shop, the salty tang of the ocean, a piquant vineyard, and more. Twists and turns will have the reader wondering how the story can possibly resolve in a satisfying way, yet the ending is a perfect blend of the surprising and the inevitable, making Beyond the Rising Tide a book that will stay with you long after the final page.” --award-winning author Annette Lyon

“Vividly imagined, this novel is the perfect mix of modern love story and literary fiction. One brimming with genuine emotion that had me re-reading passages simply because they were too beautifully written to experience just once.” --Julie N. Ford, author of With No Regrets

“The author creates a marvelous story of two people who come together in an explosion of fate. Once again, Sarah Beard’s superb writing and fantastically descriptive imagery pull the reader along on a wave of emotion and satisfaction. I couldn’t help but feel that I was right by their sides as Kai and Avery rose and fell with the tides of life. Beyond the Rising Tide is a beautifully written story of love, hope, and redemption that will captivate your heart.” –Cindy C. Bennett, author of Rapunzel Untangled

“Beyond the Rising Tide grabbed my attention from the very start. The premise was intriguing, and I quickly fell in love with the characters. This is one of those stories that stays with you long after the closing scene. It was beautifully imagined and vividly written. I absolutely loved it!” --Teresa Richards, author of Emerald Bound

“This book is not only an engaging and satisfying supernatural romance, but also a beautiful story about life, death, and the gray places in between.” --E.B. Wheeler, author of The Haunting of Springett Hall


Beyond the Rising Tide
By Sarah Beard


Kina Grannis – Sound of Silence
John Garrison – Never Far From Me
Susie Suh – Here with Me
Ben Howard – Promise
Matthew Perryman Jones – The Angels Were Singing
Kodaline – All I Want
Patrick Watson – Lighthouse
Garrison Starr – Sit With Me Tonight
Matthew Perryman Jones – Only You
Aqualung – Take On Me
Katie Herzig – I Hurt Too
Daughter – Medicine
Aqualung – Thin Air
Jose Gonzalez – Stay Alive
Coldplay – Death and All His Friends
Mree – Breathe Easy